Hello GOP Leaders,

It is my distinct honor to share wonderful news from many GOP leaders in Montgomery County.  Home to several statewide leaders and dedicated Central Committee members, I am honored that over half of Montgomery County GOP Members are supporting my re-election. Thank you to First Vice Chair Dennis Melby, Second Vice Chair Jeff Brown, and Treasurer Don Irvine for the below endorsements.

Additionally, our statewide Maryland Young Republican Chairman Maria Sofia calls Montgomery home.  Thank you to Maria for this incredibly touching endorsement video about our work together building the future of our Party!

Thank you also to the Montgomery County Central Committee members and officers who have endorsed me and shared their support.  It has been a complete pleasure to work with you from training events and Super Saturdays, to advocating issues and challenging the Dems on MoCo media venues.  Thank you for the following personal endorsements.

“A while back, in a blue state, in a blue Montgomery County, and a very blue town, I was elected 4 times to the village council in Friendship Heights. We were a little town of only 5,000 citizens, but like all over the state you run non-partisan. Most times in areas like that we’re not elected because we are Republicans, but despite being a Republican.  While the hard work to get elected the first time was important the reelection was the key. It meant they knew you, they trusted you, and it meant they liked your accomplishments.

Thanks for your hard work. I’m glad to serve with some great and dedicated people on the Central Committee, and look forward to voting for you on Saturday.”

Dennis Melby
1st Vice Chair
Montgomery County GOP

“I am endorsing Nicolee Ambrose for re-election as Maryland’s National Committee Woman. She has worked closely with most of us in Montgomery County whenever we have asked including many super Saturdays. Her grassroots classes and her tireless efforts to improve Maryland’s connections to the RNC have in my opinion proved to me she is an asset we need in this position.  Nicolee has my total support in her re-election effort.”

Jeff Brown
2nd Vice Chair
Montgomery County GOP

“I am proud to announce my endorsement for the re-election of Nicolee Ambrose as the National Committeewoman representing the Republican Party in the great state of Maryland.  Nicolee has devoted countless hours to help build our party by speaking, holding events and working with central committees throughout the state.  During her time in office, Nicolee has reinvigorated the position of National Committeewoman and epitomizes what it means to be a Republican in a deep blue state. 

Don Irvine
Montgomery County GOP

“Sam and Pat Fenati, members of the Montgomery County Central Committee, are standing with the candidates supported by the President of the United States, Dave Bossie and Nicolee Ambrose who we have found to be ALWAYS willing to help Montgomery County.”

Sam & Pat Fenati
Montgomery County GOP

“Why would we take the risk of changing competent representation in the middle of a crisis? We are competing with our political opponents, every other state, and the Chinese virus for attention and funding. The GOP leadership and the President have relationships with Nicolee and we need their help.”

Rick Hansen
Montgomery County GOP

“I endorse Nicolee Ambrose for Maryland National Committeewoman. Nicolee is doing a great job representing Maryland’s Republican Party with the RNC.   Thank you Nicolee for a job well done.”  

Dolores Reyes
Montgomery County GOP

“Nicolee has been a team player for a Trump 2020 and will continue for Trump in the next four years!”

Joséphine Wang
Chair, MoCo Trump 2020
Member, Montgomery County GOP

“I am delighted to endorse Nicolee Ambrose to be our next Maryland Republican Party National Committeewoman! 

I think she is very hardworking, knowledgeable and the most dedicated party official that I know.  I have heard her talking, seen her working in the last few years.  I have no doubt she will continue to do great things as National Committeewomen in the new term.”

Raj Sarikonda
Montgomery County GOP

Thank you to these fine Americans!


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