Hello GOP Leaders,

I’m grateful to share the news that the Anne Arundel County GOP is supporting my re-election as National Committeewoman!  From knocking doors to help win a Mayor’s race by 59 votes to bringing Dr. Alveda King to the Annapolis dock to read to children, it is always a pleasure to partner with the Anne Arundel GOP.  This team has a passion for Grassroots which is embodied by Anne Arundel’s own, Faith Loudon, Chairman of the MD GOP Grassroots Committee.

Thank you to Chairman James Appel and the GOP for their support!  Thank you also to the following Anne Arundel GOP Members who shared personal endorsement statements, as well.

“A little over eight years ago I met Nicolee Ambrose.  I was running for Congress in District 4 – a real long shot –  but that did not deter her.  She introduced me to key people who could help me.  The President of the NRA had a fundraiser for me at her suggestion. She was instrumental at getting the support of SHE-PAC for me.  Since then I have worked very closely with Nicolee once she became our National Committeewoman, and I have never met a more hardworking individual.  Her contacts with the RNC have been beneficial to the MDGOP and Republican activists alike.  She has hosted an MDGOP Christmas Party fundraiser at her home for the past 9 years, which has been a popular asset to the party.  I ask you to please cast your vote for Nicolee Ambrose for Republican National Committeewoman at our Virtual Spring Convention on May 16th.”

Faith Loudon
MDGOP Grassroots Chairman
Member, Anne Arundel County GOP
Former GOP Congressional Nominee (CD-4)

“During a lifetime of working in and for the Republican Party I have seldom had an easier decision, or one I am more proud of, than endorsing our National Committeewoman, Nicolee Ambrose for re-election.

I’ve been around – Seven times on the Central Committee; Legal Counsel and Executive Director of the State Republican Party; two time National Convention delegate;  State Legislator; Judge; Agency Head under both Governors Ehrlich and Hogan – and I’ve heard a lot of promises and seen a lot of campaigns.

I have known every Republican National Committeewomen since the 1970’s and I can say, without hesitation, that Nicolee is the best of a great group of women leaders.

Nicolee is the complete package. Whether it’s helping candidates, raising money, leading party building, or giving her time to help people in need she is always, always there. Her vision, commitment and endless energy make this party better and stronger. She is articulate and compassionate. She is the kind of leader we want out there advancing our cause every day – something she is already doing and doing well.

Nicolee has a passion to make our Party succeed that comes along once in a generation.

Nicolee understands, like Ronald Reagan did and Donald Trump does, that this party must, must, reach out and show people we care about them and their lives. That’s why President Trump has endorsed her in this campaign.

I was proud to stand with Ronald Reagan when Reagan wasn’t cool. The people I came to know then who were also with him were like Nicolee; they had a passion to make this party succeed and make America Great Again. I know that she would have been with us on the frontlines of the Reagan Revolution. She is definitely one of us.

We are blessed to have a leader like Nicolee Ambrose as this State’s National Committeewoman. With her toil, her energy, her enthusiasm, her commitment, her accomplishments, and her sweat she has earned our votes and her re-election.

I am voting for Nicolee Ambrose and I urge the members of our Committee to do the same.  Let us go forward together.”

Mike Burns
Anne Arundel County GOP

“Nicolee Ambrose your effective leadership and devotion to grassroots continues to make a difference in the Republican Party. Your volunteerism and dedication to sharing our conservative values has been recognized by an endorsement from our party’s very own, President Donald Trump. I am so thankful to have met you at Freedom Works, where you introduced yourself to me. I immediately understood your passion for community involvement and growing the Republican Party. I hope to learn from you and hope to get on your level of activism. Our President supports you and so do I! Let’s make Maryland more red!”

Aysia Rodriguez
Anne Arundel County GOP

Thank you!


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