Hello GOP Leaders,

I’m excited to share great news emanating from Baltimore County.  To begin, I am deeply honored that Ambassador Ellen Sauerbrey issued the following statement:

“As our Republican National Committeewoman, Nicolee Ambrose has been tireless in encouraging, motivating and communicating with the grassroots of our party. I have seen her contagious enthusiasm and optimism, especially with young Republicans, as she travels the state promoting the party and Republican candidates. I know that Nicolee understands the need to dedicate all her time and energy to building our Maryland team from the ground up and also providing a respected link to the national party.”

Additionally, I’m also grateful for the support of a supermajority of Baltimore County Central Committee members.  Thank you to the following leaders who took time to share the below personal endorsement statements.

“I am very proud to endorse Nicolee Ambrose for re-election as RNC Committeewoman. Over the years I have witnessed first-hand Nicolee’s dedication to the MD GOP and Conservative principles.   Nicolee has taken the lead on many statewide training programs. She can be seen going door-to-door on Super Saturdays, no matter where and what the weather is. She is a dedicated fundraiser for our party and graciously opens her home up for fundraising events. Nicolee is a proven leader and I am proud to support her for re-election as RNC Committeewoman.”

Kathleen Smero
Baltimore County Republican Central Committee

“Nicolee has been a friend for twenty years. I’ve seen her when things were great and when things were not. She has the disposition of a champion. Going form task to task while planning large operations without pause. Many leaders will come up with great ideas and perhaps delegate every detail. Not Nicolee; she will conceive of a great fundraiser and then line up the volunteers and then work the door and make sure that everything is running well. Others may invent something like a Super Saturdays, but only Nicolee will be out there each time with her running shoes on. She brings people together for projects and leaves no detail for granted.  I sincerely ask you to join Kathy Smero and myself in endorsing Nicolee for the position of National Committeewoman.”

Al Mendelsohn
Member, Past Chairman
Baltimore County Republican Central Committee 

“I endorse Nicolee Ambrose as National Committeewoman because not only have I seen how hard and passionately she works, but also how kind, respectful and inspiring she is. Nicolee is always at work creating and implementing ways to support the Republican Party and a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and the right to life. She is personable, present, involved, and always appreciates your input.”

Liliana Pulvirenti
Baltimore County Republican Central Committee

“Nicolee Ambrose has worked hard with fundraising and building the Republican Party as our National Republican Committeewoman from Maryland.  She deserves re-election to her position.”

Paul M. Blitz
Member, Former Second Vice Chairman
Baltimore County Republican Central Committee

“I’m writing this message to offer my enthusiastic endorsement for Nicolee Ambrose for Maryland RNC National Committeewoman.  I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet and converse with Nicolee on so many state and national issues that affect our lives.   

I am always totally impressed with Nicolee’s informative and complete “electric” presentations at the GOP conferences and other events.  Her comments always set a razor-sharp focus on where we are and where we need to go with respect to Republican progress in Maryland. 

She is a person who truly “walks the talk.”  She is constantly engaged in promoting and participating in local events and communications activities to improve the Maryland Republican Party’s visibility and vitality.  Her diligence and perseverance is her trademark and offers a great model for others to follow.

I hope you will join me in voting and supporting Nicolee’s continuance as Maryland’s RNC National Committeewoman.”

Bob Schweitzer
Baltimore County Republican Central Committee

Delegate Ric Metzgar
Maryland House of Delegates (District 6 – Baltimore County)

“‎Working with Nicolee, I see nothing but a pattern of hard work and dedication. Knowing this, I believe we will go places we have never gone before with Nicolee Ambrose’s continued leadership as our NCW.”

Senator Johnny Salling
Maryland Senate (District 6 – Baltimore County)

Thank you!


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