Hello Maryland GOP Leaders,

I’m honored to share the overwhelming response from my hometown and the Baltimore City GOP as they support my re-election as National Committeewoman!  I truly appreciate the members of the Baltimore City Republican Central Committee coming together to issue the following letter:

Our work in Baltimore is truly a GOP blueprint for transforming blue cities.  When I first started volunteering in politics 22 years ago, there was no interest in hearing any Republican voice in deep blue Baltimore.  I refused to give up. We had to get our message out and share with Baltimoreans that there was a better option.  I restarted the Baltimore Area Young Republicans and we grew it from nine members to 250 members in less than a year.  I also joined forces with Victor Clark and Tony Campbell.  We took every chance we could to talk issues with Baltimoreans and share that the GOP is the only option for promoting school choice and opportunity.  After the Sandtown riots, not a single Democrat elected official showed up at the NAACP office, but Governor Larry Hogan, Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford, and I showed up on successive days.  And, then I brought Dr. Alveda King to Sandtown.

The people of Baltimore now want to hear what the GOP has to say.  Governor Hogan received over 31% of the vote in Baltimore City in 2018.  Past top-performing GOP candidates were lucky to crack 20% of the vote.  President Trump even won nine precincts in Baltimore City!  We are proving that the GOP will fight for the people of Baltimore when no one else will.

And there’s more good news ~ our Baltimore City Republican Central Committee is now filled with energetic candidates running to represent the GOP.  It’s always exciting to see our team grow as we build our bench!  And, mentoring them are many of the wonderful leaders whose personal endorsement statements appear below.

Thank you to the Baltimore City GOP for your overwhelming support!  I look forward to keeping up the fight alongside you,

Nicolee Ambrose
Maryland National Committeewoman
Republican National Committee


Paid for and authorized by Nicolee Ambrose.


Thank you to my friends for these personal endorsements:

“I recruited Nicolee to the Baltimore City GOP when she was just getting involved years ago.  She was always accessible and one of the best members on our committee and I wanted her to replace place me as Chairperson.  However, she wanted to build the Party from the bottom up and she did with the Young Republicans.  She’s done a great job with everything she’s worked on, and I fully support her for re-election as our National Committeewoman.”

Victor Clark, Jr.
Past Chairman & Member
Baltimore City Republican Central Committee

“Having known Nicolee personally for more than a decade through political and non-profit endeavors, there is no other person I can fathom that is as qualified, dedicated and honorable as she to continue to serve as Maryland’s RNC National Committeewoman.  Her talent and vision for our Party and the modern Conservative movement has been instrumental in our success as a state and national party during her tenure; the best part is she is just getting started!”

Gary M. Collins
Baltimore City Republican Central Committee

“After much deliberation and assessment of each candidate’s qualifications for the position of the Maryland Republican Party’s (​MDGOP)  National Committeewoman, I have​ reached the definitive decision to formally and enthusiastically endorse Nicloee Ambrose in the campaign for the position. ​I genuinely respect both candidates in this campaign and for that reason I have taken the time to speak to each individually as well as have taken an opportunity to view them both address the issues in a group format. 

It goes without question or dissension on anyone’s part that our incumbent National Committeewoman has not just done a good job in her role over the past 8 years; but she has done a GREAT job. Nicolee brings with her GREAT enthusiasm and an incredibly affable personality. These plus many other positive qualities allow her to network and work with a myriad of people. Her affect and her effect are extensive, comprehensive and goes across the board with everyone she meets. 

As a member of Baltimore City Central Committee member, I have had the opportunity, and the pleasure, to pull up my sleeves and work alongside Niclolee on a few projects. Nicolee is a tremendous leader; but she is a fabulous team player. The expression “from cleaning the toilet to taking out the trash” comes to mind. I have seen Nicolee pretty much do it all. (Often while in a dress and wearing high heeled shoes.)

I believe her ability to reach and work across the board has played an instrumental role in helping to change the face and the perception of the Republican Party in Maryland and in Baltimore City. No one will bring the energy and the desire to serve that Nicolee has in her current position. No one does it better and no one can. 

President Donald Trump has acknowledged Nicolee Ambrose as a strong supporter of his administration and has enthusiastically endorsed her re-election. I certainly support and agree with President Trump!  

Tamu I. Davenport
Baltimore City Republican Central Committee

I fully endorse Nicolee for National Committeewoman.  She brings much needed enthusiasm to our party and she has done a superb job.  Nicolee well deserves another four years.

Armand Girard
Baltimore City GOP

“I am happy to announce my support for the reelection of Maryland’s indomitable, indefatigable, and indispensable Republican National Committeewoman, Nicolee Ambrose. Those who have worked on behalf of the party know that no one brings more spirit, grassroots know-how, and positive energy to any training or campaign event than Nicolee.  She has been a mentor, coach, teammate, and cheerleader for innumerable candidates, central committee members, and Republicans across the state. In an age in which politics too often devolves into ugliness and rancor, Nicolee Ambrose is a happy warrior whose presence and spirit remind us of the elevated principles we stand proud to defend.  Said simply, Nicolee is our MVP.  She’s there when you need her. And when she’s with you, no one gives more of herself.   

It would be an injustice to move in a different direction when the incumbent has been setting the gold standard for faithful service.”

Thomas Kennedy
1st Vice Chairman
Baltimore City Republican Central Committee 

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