Dear Friends,

Today I am deeply honored to share this endorsement from America’s Grassroots Pioneer extraordinaire Morton Blackwell.  I’m honored to serve on the Republican National Committee with Virginia’s National Committeeman, but I’m also grateful that Morton has trained generations of activists through The Leadership Institute.

Over the years, I’ve greatly enjoyed training conservative activists as part of The Leadership Institute’s Faculty.  There are many days I ponder if there would be a modern conservative movement, much less a Republican Party, had Morton not trained generations of activists, even when Party was in deep valleys.  I salute Morton for keeping up the fight and winning!

Lastly, it’s been an honor to serve with Morton on the RNC where he’s led the charge for decades to advocate for the Grassroots having a voice in Party deliberations.

Thank you, Morton, for this endorsement!

Nicolee Ambrose
Maryland National Committeewoman
Republican National Committee

Paid for and authorized by Nicolee Ambrose.

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