Hello Maryland GOP Leaders,

I’m writing to share another exciting campaign update. I’m thrilled that the Cecil County Republican Central Committee has unanimously endorsed me for re-election! The Cecil GOP issued the following letter:

Special thanks to Cecil County GOP members: Chairman Vincent Sammons, Vice Chairman Ron Lobos, Secretary Cindy Emmerich, Treasurer Kevin Emmerich, Ted Kolodzey, Bruce Leith, Jackson Leith, Ryan Farmer, and Kathie Kennedy.

Thank you also for these additional personal statements of support:

“I am proud to endorse Nicolee Ambrose for re-election as RNC Committeewoman. Nicolee has been a staunch supporter of the Republican Party in Maryland. Her energy and spirit is far more contagious than the Coronavirus! I plan to support her so we can continue to have this positive energy to push into the future.”

Vince Sammons
Cecil County Republican Central Committee

“I am happy to endorse Nicolee Ambrose in her bid for re-election as RNC Committeewoman for the great state of Maryland.

2020 may be the most important election year of our generation, and so it is paramount that we hold steadfast to our principles and values. Republicans are the people’s shield against the tyranny of big government and the champions for the pro-life movement and the second amendment.  It is my opinion that Ms. Ambrose is the best qualified to serve our values in this role. She has served this role already and not wavered and carries the confidence of our President, Donald J. Trump.”

Ryan Michael Farmer
Cecil County Republican Central Committee

Thank you for your tremendous support!

Nicolee Ambrose
Maryland National Committeewoman
Republican National Committee


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