Dear Friends,
I want to share the incredibly exciting news that the President of the United States Donald Trump has endorsed me for re-election as Maryland’s National Committeewoman!

It is truly the honor of my century, and I am ever grateful that we Americans have President Trump to lead us in these precarious times.  I’m also grateful that the President recognizes our efforts to make Maryland more RED and support him in Keeping America Great!

It is very rare for the President to weigh in on Republican National Committee races, and below is the President’s letter.  President Trump endorsed both me and my National Committeeman teammate and Campaign Chairman Dave Bossie:  “In Maryland, National Committeeman David Bossie and National Committeewoman Nicolee Ambrose have been strong supporters and have my endorsement for their re-elections.”

Onward to victory!

Nicolee Ambrose
Maryland National Committeewoman
Republican National Committee

Paid for and authorized by Nicolee Ambrose.

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