Hello Friends,

There are so many exciting campaign events coming up. Today I’m inviting you to join me at The Leadership Institute this Wednesday, and also for the October home stretch of our Super Saturday Program!

Join me as I address the Wake-Up Club Breakfast at the Leadership Institute this Wednesday:

Now onto campaigning in Maryland!  Please pick a day or two to volunteer for our Maryland GOP Super Saturday Program below:

Baltimore County Super Saturday, October 13th at 11 am: Join us as we campaign for Governor and make Christian Miele a Senator! We’ll be out supporting the rest of the team, too. RSVP to join us here.

Anne Arundel Super Saturday, October 20th at 10 am: We’ll kick-off the day with a rally with “Special Guests” and head out to make Ron George a Senator and support the whole GOP team. RSVP to join us here.

Frederick Super Saturday, October 27th at 2 pm: Come join a BIG rally with Governor Hogan and then hit doors to make Craig Giangrande the next Senator from Frederick. RSVP to join us here.

Statewide Super Saturday on November 3rd: This is the SUPER BOWL of politics and we will have exciting rallies and opportunities around the state. RSVP to join us here.

We are so close to proving that Maryland is a competitive state with a true two-party system. Come out and join us ~ the more the merrier!

I’m looking forward to celebrating all our hard work on November 6th!

Nicolee Ambrose
Maryland National Committeewoman
Republican National Committee


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