Dear Fellow Marylanders,

It is with the utmost disappointment in the Maryland House of Delegates that I write‎ to you about the Democrats’ vote to make Maryland the first “Sanctuary State” in the USA.

This irresponsible and reckless bill is now going to the Maryland Senate, where once again the Democratic monopoly is planning to push it through.

I can’t sit by and let them do this without a fight. The Maryland GOP created an online petition to oppose this insane bill, and we need to deliver these petitions to the Democratic supermajority in Annapolis.  Please join me in signing the petition.  Click here to sign.  Say “NO!” to making Maryland a Sanctuary State.

Please share this with your friends and responsible Marylanders everywhere.

Standing alongside you in the fight,

Nicolee Ambrose
Maryland National Committeewoman
Republican National Committee

Paid for and authorized by Nicolee Ambrose.

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