246Hello Marylanders:

The Maryland General Assembly has adjourned, and we are now four weeks away from the MDGOP Convention!  As I announced earlier this year, I am running for reelection as your Maryland National Committeewoman to the Republican National Committee.  Beyond representing Maryland at the RNC, my bigger focus has been on building our grassroots and “farm team” here in Maryland.  Together, we have won elections in places no Republican has won in recent memory!  Thank you for your partnership and “can-do” attitude.

I have been traveling throughout this great state to meet with our County GOP Central Committees to outline our latest grassroots efforts.  Our goal is to install precinct captains throughout Maryland to solidify Governor Larry Hogan’s reelection prospects in 2018, and elect a whole new wave of Republicans at all levels of government.

It has been a pleasure to visit with so many of you in your home counties.  Republicans in the Old Line State get an A+ for hospitality! Thank you for your kindness. Congratulations to Anne Arundel, Cecil, and Washington counties who recently hosted Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinners. I have to share a special thank you to Charles County, who completely surprised me at the beginning of this week and unanimously endorsed me to continue as your National Committeewoman. 12963656_10153450349326471_3080173106481711540_n

Then, Washington County went on to unanimously endorse me at the end of this week.  Thank you!


Additionally, I am honored to receive the endorsements of so many respected leaders in our state.


“Nicolee Ambrose has been a loyal friend of mine for many years.  She is an upstanding, proven, and top tier campaign professional.  I can always depend on Nicolee for support, solid advice, and productive action.  We need leaders in the MDGOP who have a proven track record of winning.  The political landscape in Maryland over the last four years have shifted toward our favor in part because of Nicolee’s tireless efforts.   Nicolee is grassroots champion, which is what we need to win elections.  I strongly endorse Nicolee Ambrose for reelection as Maryland’s RNC National Committeewoman.”

Senator Michael Hough
Maryland Senate (District 4)

Nic, Greta & Senator Wayne Norman 4-12-16
“It is always great to see Nicolee in Harford and Cecil. The lady seems to be everywhere! She is such a hard worker. I am proud to endorse her to continue as National Committeewoman.”

Senator Wayne Norman
Maryland Senate (District 35)


“Nicolee Ambrose’s dedication to our great state helped elect a great team of General Assembly members in 2014. Nicolee’s political involvement made Maryland a state that the national GOP takes seriously. We need leaders in the MDGOP who are not afraid to carry our message into blue districts and continue to change Maryland for the better. Nicolee is far and away, the most qualified person for this post. She deserves reelection as our National Committeewoman.”

Delegate Kevin Hornberger
Maryland House of Delegates (District 35A)


“Nicolee Ambrose’s help was critical in my victorious 2014 campaign for the House of Delegates. She makes herself available to any Republican candidate who asks for assistance. Her willingness to work with Republicans living in historically Democratic districts is the very reason why Republicans are increasing in influence in the vote-rich Baltimore area and making inroads in the DC area. If we want to continue to win, we need Nicolee as our National Committeewoman.”

Delegate Bob Long
Maryland House of Delegates (District 6)

20151018-201 “Nicolee is a dynamic leader, a tireless worker, and the consummate professional. For these reasons and many more, she has my full support.”

Delegate Christian Miele
Maryland House of Delegates (District 8)

“I am so excited to endorse Nicolee for RNC Maryland National Committeewoman. She is a grassroots organizer extraordinaire and has done so much to help Republicans in our great state!”

Councilwoman Lynn White
Berwyn Heights Town Council

“Nicolee has my full support as our National Committeewoman. Her grassroots leadership has been instrumental in our Republican victories in my home county of Anne Arundel, and throughout Maryland.”

Nathan Volke
Anne Arundel County Republican Central Committee Chair

“By any measure, Nicolee Ambrose has not only met, but exceeded the highest standards of a National Committee person. Not only has she led Super Saturdays across our State – efforts that have demonstrably led to getting Republicans elected – she has educated, garnered press, hosted countless events at her home, and made everyone feel needed. What more can you want from your representative to the RNC?

Often, National Committee persons think that their job is in Washington tinkering with the gears and cogs of the RNC, but Nicolee is different. She leads the grassroots movement with campaign schools and books on running effective campaigns. She teaches public speaking and television appearances. She recruits candidates and raises money. Perhaps though, she will be remembered for Super Saturdays that got people elected all across our State. Thanks Nicolee for a great first term. I can’t wait to see what you do for your second term.”

Al Mendelsohn
Baltimore County Republican Central Committee Chairman

“As the MDGOP Spring Convention fast approaches, I can think of no better person than Nicolee Ambrose to represent Maryland Republicans as our National Committeewoman. Nicolee is a proven leader that continues to mentor, motivate, and help organize Republicans around the state. The Maryland Republican Party is a better organization with Nicolee Ambrose and I look forward to her future leadership as we move our party forward.”

Greg Ostrander
Calvert County Republican Central Committee Chairman

IMG_3614 “Nicolee is a close friend and National Committeewoman for the Maryland Republican Party. She has served our State Party most honorably, and I support her quest to continue as Maryland’s National Committeewoman.”

Bill Harris
Cecil County Republican Central Committee Chairman

20151010-031 “Nicolee Ambrose does an excellent job managing the Super Saturday program. Also, Nicolee is a excellent Ambassador for the Maryland GOP.”

Dale Coldren
Dorchester County Republican Central Committee Chairman

“Nicolee reflects very favorably upon the Republican Party in Maryland because she is dynamic, intelligent and graceful. I am hopeful that her example encourages more young women to take an interest in politics and the Republican Party. PS: Nicolee sings the Star Spangled Banner exceptionally well.”

Tom Sheahen
Garrett County Republican Central Committee Chairman

“Nicolee has been a huge supporter of our county, from organizing grassroots events to helping bring in top quality speakers. We can’t thank our National Committeewoman enough for all she has done for the MCGOP!”

Michael Higgs
Montgomery County Republican Central Committee Chairman

“I support Nicolee Ambrose because she brings new life and entusiasum to the MDGOP! We need young and energic people like Nicolee!”

Mark McIver
Wicomico County GOP Chair

478 Pictured left to right: Faith Loudon, Nicolee Ambrose, Carol MacCubbin, Sharon Beam

“Nicolee is well deserving of another term! She is on the job everywhere all the time. She is a great organizer and has done a tremendous job in getting so many Republicans elected. I have learned so much from her and am hoping she will continue to be our National Committeewoman. She has my vote!!”

Sharon Beam

“I had the pleasure of working side-by-side with Nicolee when I served as Director of Membership Services for the Maryland Republican Party. She worked tirelessly to develop the statewide Super Saturday program, and the results have been tremendous with a significant number of Republicans elected at every level–including one of the rising GOP stars, Gov. Larry Hogan. In many ways, Nicolee has inspired a new generation of Maryland Republicans and I am proud to endorse her re-election!”

Phil Bell


“Nicolee is tireless in her pursuit of helping good conservative Republicans get elected. From her Super Saturdays, where she has traveled the state and knocked on doors, to her enthusiasm and vibrant outlook of optimism to change Maryland from one party rule, I enthusiastically endorse Nicolee for reelection as Maryland’s RNC National Committeewoman. Plus she’s beautiful inside and out and represents Maryland with class and style. You won me over Nicolee with your service and wonderful attitude.”

Julie Brewington

“Nicolee has done a great Job supporting the Baltimore City GOP!

Derod Broady

“As an elected member of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee, I have worked closely with Nicolee on several occasions. She has always shown great integrity and an eagerness to make a real difference in the MDGOP. I trust her judgement, intentions, and ability to best represent Maryland as our National Committeewoman.”

Gordon Bull


“The positivity and professionalism that Nicolee Ambrose has brought to the Republican Party is unprecedented. She is a person who constantly works to improve party policies and relationships. Her devotion and ability to mentor other Republicans is another one of her many wonderful traits. Thank you for all you do Nicolee!”

Barry Donadio

“Nicolee gets the job done!!”

Stephen Frey

20160218-364 - Nicolee and Dirk Haire
“Nicolee Ambrose is the hardest working grass-roots leader in Maryland!!!”

Dirk Haire

“Nicolee has worked tirelessly to support and elect Republicans across our state as our National Committeewoman for the past four years and I look forward to working with her for the next four years.”

Don Irvine

“As a member of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee, the choice is easy. Re-elect Nicolee as our National Committeewoman. I doubt anyone has worked as hard or reached out to as many people as she has. I fully endorse Nicolee Ambrose and would ask all of my fellow Central Committee members to do the same!”

John Lerch


“Nicolee Ambrose’s leadership has no peer. She is energetic, bright, intelligent, talented, and full of hope and optimism. If Maryland Republicans can learn to communicate conservative social and fiscal policies in her happy, inclusive, and positive Reagan-esque manner, we will continue to win and experience greatness like never before in Maryland.”

Rose Long


“Nicolee is really working hard to make Maryland redder. Her enthusiasm is contagious and uplifting. She makes everyone around her feel special. It has been great fun working with her on the Grassroots Committee. She keeps us focused and busy. Along with the great strides our Super Saturdays have made, like a sweeping victory for the whole Republican Team in the Dundalk area, our progress has been phenomenal under Nicolee’s leadership. We couldn’t have done it without her leadership. The Maryland Republican Party Grassroots Campaign and Candidate Guide is another great accomplishment that the Grassroots Committee wrote under Nicolee’s leadership. We need Nicolee to be our RNC Maryland National Committeewoman for another 4 years. Imagine what we will accomplish in the coming 4 years!”

Faith Loudon

“Nicolee has great ideas and incredibly high energy. She is relentlessly positive in the challenging situation of being a Republican in the state of Maryland. She is inclusive and welcoming to anyone who wants to participate in the political arena. I can’t think of a better spokesperson for the GOP.”

Jennifer Pasenelli


“Nicolee is a tireless and plain spoken advocate for Republican principles.”

Brian Scott Patrick


“Nicolee is always helpful and gracious with her time and advice no matter if you’ve been involved with the party ten years or ten days. She tasks herself with practical ways to improve the GOP, and produces practical results.”

Christina Trotta


“Nicolee sets the bar for the rest of us. Her perpetual smile, boundless energy, and steadfast commitment to the cause is an inspiration to us all. She is not only the best choice, she’s the only choice. She’s served us well and will continue to do so. Team Nicolee!!”

Jackie Wellfonder

“Nicolee has always fulfilled the obligations and responsibilities of her Office. In fact, she often goes above and beyond her duties. Nicolee goes into communities and works with central committee members to get things done. Whenever I need to contact her, Nicolee Is always available. Always. I am proud to support Nicolee for another term as our RNC Maryland National Committeewoman, and I do so with no reservations whatsoever!”

Robert Windley

“Nicolee Ambrose is a dear personal friend of mine. She is a strong woman of high moral character and a proven leader. As our RNC National Committeewoman for the last four years, she has been a thoughtful and resourceful go-getter who always gets the job done. Nicolee has a wealth of connections in the party at the national, state, and local level which she has leveraged to forge connections and build winning teams for Maryland. Nicolee is a positive, charismatic, and upbeat person. She is a world-class singer trained at Johns Hopkins and Peabody and performs our National Anthem with class and grace. I enthusiastically endorse my dear friend Nicolee Ambrose for reelection!!!” 🙂

JoeyLynn Hough

In a few other happenings, thank you to Delegate Bob Long and his family for organizing a touching Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Service.  It was special to sing for these Veterans.


Lastly, please join us for the First Lady’s Luncheon, celebrating Yumi Hogan on Friday, May 13th.  Reserve your ticket here.

I look forward to seeing you at the Maryland GOP Convention, and I ask for your vote.

Thank you,

Nicolee Ambrose
Maryland National Committeewoman
Republican National Committee


Paid for and authorized by Nicolee Ambrose.

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