Dear Marylanders:

It has been an honor to serve as your National Committeewoman for the past four years. Together we’ve worked tirelessly to make Maryland more RED! The most exciting aspect of our political success is that we have achieved more than anyone could have hoped for in an incredibly short period of time. I strongly believe this is because we are adhering to our American/Republican values of volunteerism, lifting ourselves up by our own bootstraps, and fighting for every seat from the local to the state level.

We are all proud of electing our Republican Governor Larry Hogan. His popularity, fortitude in facing cancer, and exemplary discipline with messaging and the media is a tremendous example. Of governors elected in the 21st century, we Marylanders have now elected two out of three Republicans. I am endlessly grateful that we have our strong Republican leadership team – from elected officials to Central Committee leaders – to harness this seismic political shift.

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Furthermore, just ponder these numbers provided by the Maryland GOP:

· In 2012, we had 158 locally elected Republicans statewide, compared to the Democrats 156.
· Now in 2016, we have 184 locally elected Republicans compared to 124 Democrats statewide.

This is phenomenal progress for our Grand Old Party! Huge congratulations to you, every single central committee member, and every volunteer recruited by our efforts. Seismic results like this only happened because we decided to lift ourselves up, never take no for an answer, leave no stone unturned…not to mention going after Democrats on their own turf and thus putting them on the defensive. We’ve done this with our hard-charging Super Saturdays of making door-knocking a regular aspect of our Maryland GOP political culture.


With all of these positive results, I am writing to humbly ask for your support and vote as I run for re-election as your National Committeewoman at this spring’s Maryland GOP Convention. You can expect me to continue to work hand-in-hand with you to take our GOP message door-to-door and across the airwaves. Let’s continue to “cede no ground” and work tirelessly to convert “blue” and “purple” areas to our Republican message of freedom and prosperity. Where there is a challenge, there is opportunity.

I’d be honored if you would visit my web site and add your name to our list of endorsers!


I look forward to seeing you or talking with you shortly!

All the best,

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Nicolee Ambrose
Maryland National Committeewoman
Republican National Committee

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