Nicolee Ambrose for Maryland National Committeewoman

Dear Maryland GOP Leaders,

I humbly ask for your support and your vote for National Committeewoman. It is time to embrace a fresh, new way of doing business for the Maryland GOP.

I’ve spent the past 14 years toiling in the trenches alongside you, and I pledge to continue this work as your National Committeewoman.  We must create a true two party system in Maryland, but it will not be easy to get there.  Other states have gone from blue to RED, but it took vision, hard work, smarts, and an unshakable will.  I pledge to bring my full national network, fundraising and credibility building experiences, along with my unwavering belief that we must be a grassroots up Party to our shared Maryland Republican Party.  

I’ve traveled the state speaking about how we need to work together to make Maryland more RED! Here is the GROWTH strategy to accomplish our shared goals:

G Grow the Farm Team

R Raise Money

O Organize Grassroots

W Work the National Network

T Train the Activists

H Hone the Message

Beyond the specific plans I’ve shared with you in my platform, it is all for naught unless we are a Party of principle.  I pledge to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you in fighting the good fight against taxes, government overreach, corruption, and the myriad of other Democrat disasters that are regularly foisted upon the people of Maryland.  

Please join me in this effort and I would be honored to have your support. Now, let’s roll up our sleeves and get started!





Nicolee Ambrose

Candidate for Maryland National Committeewoman

Your Feedback:  MD GOP Survey

Thank you Maryland GOP Leaders for your overwhelming responses to the survey I sent out in March, “What Do You Think?” about the Maryland GOP.  This gave me another excellent opportunity to interact and listen to many Party/grassroots leaders throughout our Free Line State. Your top priority was growing the grassroots, and this is one of the key areas I intend to emphasize as your next National Committeewoman.

At this exact moment in time, the MD GOP survey revealed a closer contest amongst our current priorities with “Grassroots Activism” coming in 1st, “Recruiting & Supporting Candidates” in 2nd Place, and “Improving Finances” another key concern in 3rd Place.  

I’ll suggest that these goals are inextricably linked, and I look forward to working with you to provide value so we can be more successful in each of these areas.

Just as I focused on providing results, building credibility, and fundraising as Chairman of a national political organization, I will bring these skills and this proven record of success to Maryland as your next National Committeewoman.


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