Welcome! I believe it is time for Maryland’s Republican Party to turn the page, and to embrace a new way of doing business.  Thus, I would like to ask for your support of my candidacy for Republican National Committeewoman for the great state of Maryland.

A Republican renaissance is underway at the local level in Maryland. As National Committeewoman, I will work diligently to build that confidence and sense of momentum that results in Election Day wins for Republicans.  I would like to spend my time on behalf of the MD GOP between building a farm team of quality candidates, supporting local parties, aiding in communications efforts, and developing new sources of funding to advance our shared goals and ideals.  I’ve done this before, and I would like to apply this expertise to building a winning Republican Party in Maryland.

In my past, I’ve spent my political upbringing growing up in Maryland politics and the national Young Republicans, an organization mirrored on the Republican National Committee.  I appreciated and grew from that experience because I learned that with skills and ability, one can move mountains in Washington, DC – very quickly.  But, what I loved about that experience is the constant reminder that all politics is local.  Truly what makes America great is our grassroots, and how a good team of passionate, well-organized people fighting for a just cause, can change the political landscape of their community, and sometimes even the highest levels of our government.

I would like to take my party building experience at the local, state, and national levels and apply it to building a truly competitive two-party system here in Maryland. 

To that end, I pledge to be a very hands-on National Committeewoman. The position carries with it a lot of previously untapped potential. I believe that the person who holds it can serve as a liaison between the state party and the national party organization. The National Committeewoman should also deliver value to local central committees in the areas of fundraising, speaker recruitment, and relationship development among party leaders in Washington.

Please join me in this effort and I would be honored to have your support. Now, let’s roll up our sleeves and get started!


Nicolee Ambrose
Candidate for Maryland RNC National Committeewoman

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