Dear Fellow Republicans,

I am having a great time traveling the state and meeting with you! In the past, I did exactly this same thing on a national level, and my goal is to utilize my national network for Maryland’s benefit.

I am running to serve as your National Committeewoman because I know our state can be more RED, I know we can create a truly competitive two party system, and I also know it will take working hard and smart together to get there. I promise to bring all my skills and work ethic to the table that I used to rebuild the national Young Republicans, and dedicate my political efforts to building the MD GOP hand-in-hand with you from the grassroots up.

With that in mind, I am honored to have received the following endorsements from outstanding Republicans of national stature, as well as their equally wonderful and incredibly hard working Maryland compatriots. Thank you for taking a few moments to review this, and I ask for your support and your vote!

Nicolee Ambrose
Candidate for RNC National Committeewoman

Fahrenkopf & Nic 3-12

My political mentor and friend, Frank Fahrenkopf was once a Young Republican who grew to do great things – he served as President Ronald Reagan’s Republican National Committee Chairman. He has counseled me in this race for National Committeewoman, and was a great adviser in rebuilding the Young Republican National Federation (YRNF). Thanks for everything, Frank!

Jessica Colon at Fix Our Future Rally 6-05

“Nicolee Ambrose revitalized the YRNF and laid a solid foundation of programming, exposure, and fundraising that restored relevance to our organization. During her chairmanship, Nicolee established a relationship with Fox News for having the YRNF serve as the Republican voice of our generation during the 2008 election cycle, which led to over $2 million of earned media for the organization and Young Republicans across the nation during my administration.”

Jessica Colon – Texas
YRNF Chairman, 2007-2009

“Nicolee Ambrose was an outstanding National Chairman of the Young Republicans and will ‘hit the ground running’ as Maryland’s National Committeewoman. In fact, several of the key leaders on the RNC were leaders of the Young Republicans a decade or two earlier—because nothing prepares someone for the work of the RNC like YRs.”

Terry Campo – DC & Illinois
Founder & President, YR Alumni Association, 2006 to Present
Vice President, Republican National Lawyers Association, 2010-2011
YRNF Chairman, 1989-1991
RNC Deputy Director of Election Activities, 1988

RNC Rising Tide Fall 2007 with Nicolee

Thank you to then-RNC Chairman Mike Duncan for recognizing me in 2007 as one of the top Republicans under 40 in the nation. It was quite a privilege to be recognized in the company of then-Speaker of the Florida House – now US Senator Marco Rubio, Governor Bobby Jindal, and Governor Matt Blunt.

“Nicolee Ambrose is a tenacious leader who gets things done. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nicolee for years, and for years she has continued to impress me. If Maryland Republicans desire a hard-charging leader who delivers results, they should support Nicolee Ambrose for National Committeewoman.”

Brian Graham – Florida
Chairman, Florida Federation of Young Republicans (2008-2010)
Chairman & CEO, Young Republican National Convention 2007
Political Director, Young Republican National Federation (2007-2009)
Assistant Treasurer, Young Republican National Federation (2005-2007)

“As Chairman of the Ohio Young Republicans from 2003-2005, I worked closely with Nicolee on reforming & improving the practices of the Young Republican National Federation (YRNF). Her professionalism & leadership of the YRNF made it a very productive & effective organization. In 2007 & 2008, Nicolee put her organizational skills to good use in the Presidential Campaign. I assisted her as she put together a national Young Professionals group to support Fred Thompson & then Republican Presidential nominee John McCain. Nicolee has been a true asset to the Republican Party, and Maryland would benefit greatly by Nicolee serving as National Committeewoman to the RNC.”

Nick Wahoff – Ohio
Chairman, Ohio Young Republicans, 2003-2005

“Nicolee is just the right combination of grassroots activist, political strategist, and natural-born leader. Serving under her in many capacities during her tenure as YRNF Chairman, from organizing the national conference to creating and implementing a first-of-its-kind national deployment program together, I found Nicolee to be endlessly hard-working and brilliantly strategic. Her passion for the GOP is unsurpassed, and she brings tenacious energy and indomitable spirit to everything she undertakes.”

Rachel Hoff – DC
Former YRNF National Field Director & Director of Media Relations
Former DCYR Chair

“As YRNF Chairman, Nicolee Ambrose rebuilt the organization’s infrastructure and led us into a Renaissance of re-gaining the respect of the Republican political establishment in many states, but most significantly in Washington, D.C. The best part is that she was a true leader. She did not go out and single-handedly do this, rather she recruited a team of committed professionals within the organization. She built this team based on their real-world accomplishments. Each area of operations established goals, and she provided the oversight and support to keep everyone motivated and on track. The degree to which this happened in two years is unprecedented in an organization of busy young professionals spread out across the country, with very little paid staff.”

Michael Harlow – Ohio
YRNF Awards Committee Chairman, 2005-2007
YRNF Assistant Secretary, 2003-2005

20150121-335“I met Nicolee at the 2000 RNC convention and in the last 12 years I have watched her take on and complete more tasks than I could have ever imagined. She is a proven leader with a very extensive nationwide network that will serve us well as Maryland’s National Committeewoman.”

Rex Reed – Maryland
Secretary, Maryland Republican Party, 2006 – 2010
Regional Co-Director, Future Leaders for McCain, 2008
Executive Vice President, Maryland Young Republicans, 2007-2009
National Committeeman, Maryland Young Republicans, 2001-2005
Montgomery County Republican Central Committee Member, 1998-2002

“I encourage those who wish to see a more significant, influential Maryland to support Nicolee Ambrose for the position of National Committeewoman. She is both a motivating and sensible member of the Republican Party with proven leadership and the national experience necessary to do the job.”

Moshe Starkman
National Field Director, Newt 2012
Immediate Past President, Maryland Young Republicans
Committee Member At-Large, Montgomery County GOP

Heather & Nic at Reagan Gala 2-12“I first met Nicolee Ambrose shortly after joining the Young Republicans in 2002. Over the decade I’ve known her, she has always been principled, hard working, and relentlessly positive. As Chairwoman of the Maryland Young Republicans, she increased membership, organized efforts to help our candidates, and put together several successful conventions and an event for President Bush’s second inaugural at which we hosted YRs from around the country. At the latter event, I discovered that her colleagues around the country had as much respect for Nicolee’s abilities as we did in Maryland, so I was not surprised when soon thereafter she was elected National Chair of the Young Republican National Federation. In that position, she was able to recruit volunteers from around the nation to help with campaigns in Maryland, and develop strong relationships with national leaders in our party, yet she still found time to come to Prince George’s to help our local club work through some difficulties. In 2008, when we both served as Alternate Delegates to the 2008 Republican National Convention, I saw yet again the esteem in which Nicolee is held by leaders in our party from across the nation. I know these relationships will stand her in good stead as Maryland’s next National Committeewoman, and I enthusiastically endorse her candidacy.”

Heather Olsen – Maryland
Second Vice Chair, Republican Central Committee for Prince George’s County
Treasurer, Maryland Young Republicans
Past President, Prince George’s Young Republicans

BrandonGordon“I have known Nicolee for four years and she has always been a true leader and a one that always extends open arms to any concern you have, she is one not driven by personal political agenda but one who is driven by growing our state party in Maryland….WE NEED NICOLEE IN THE RNC!!!!!”

Brandon R. Gordon – Maryland
Former 2nd Vice Chairman, Prince Georges Central Committee
Past County Chair, Prince Georges Young Republicans
Past Executive Vice President of Maryland Young Republicans

on dock after 2003 MYR convention“It is my pleasure to endorse Nicolee Ambrose for National Committeewoman. Nicolee is a political powerhouse that has the energy to recharge the MDGOP at this crucial time. I know from personal experience in working with Nicolee for the past decade that her innovative and enterprising approach, combined with her warm and generous nature is the winning combination for Maryland. As a newbie to Maryland politics in 2002, Nicolee not only encouraged me, but took the time to show me the ropes so that I could make a difference in my community. As our National Committeewoman, Nicolee will gladly provide the same wisdom and grassroots activism to future candidates’ success.”

Holly Henderson – Maryland
Former Ehrlich Gubernatorial Appointee; Prince George’s County Central Committee Member; Secretary, Maryland Young Republicans; and Chair, Prince George’s Young Republicans


“It is my honor to endorse Nicolee Ambrose to serve as the next National Committeewoman for the Maryland Republican Party. I have worked with Nicolee for ten years and in that time, I have seen her work tirelessly to achieve her goals. Nicolee has set record fundraising levels in each of her capacities in local, state and National YR politics, all while bringing the positive message of the power of youth involvement to the forefront of her cause. And she was integral in the development of the National YR deployment program, sending hundreds of YRs to battleground states, and even here to Maryland during the 2006 election cycle.”

“Nicolee has a proven record of getting results and she inspires those around her to work as hard as she does. And given the current political environment in Maryland and I cannot imagine anyone better suited to be National Committeewoman than Nicolee Ambrose. She will bring passion, energy, proven fundraising results, a nation-wide base of political contacts, but most importantly, a tireless work effort on behalf of conservative Republican principles. Please join me in supporting Nicolee Ambrose for Maryland National Committeewoman.”

Rachael Gingrich – Maryland
National Committeewoman, Maryland Young Republicans
At-Large Member, Montgomery County Republican Central Committee
Former State Chair, Maryland Young Republicans

“Like anything in an evolutionary cycle, you either change or go extinct. The Republican Party is at a fork in the road, they can either go down the same well-worn path and end up at a familiar dead end or they take the one “less – or never – traveled” and reach a new level of effectiveness. Nicolee Ambrose is the trailblazer Maryland and the National Republican Party need at this time. She has the experience and achievements required of such a demanding job as the National Committee Woman position, while, most importantly, having the vision required to take the party where it needs to be. Whether it was in her role as the Baltimore Area, Maryland or National Young Republican Chair, Nicolee recognized the challenges, put forth a plan, united the membership and executed each strategy to its fullest potential. Having such experience as a service oriented leader is pivotal to the performance and success desired of a National Committee Woman. Nicolee brings with her the ability to unify disparate groups under a common goal. Unlike elected officials who have the luxury of power to get their way, Nicolee’s success is born from working in the trenches side by side with her membership and crafting results from hard work and mutual respect. My fifteen years of association with Nicolee Ambrose have clearly taught me three things: (1) She will take on the hard tasks others shy away from; (2) She will fight with every ounce of her soul; (3) She will emerge victorious. Her commitment to do the right thing and tenacity to secure the outcome are powerful allies for a state and national party.”

Jae Collins – Maryland
Former State Chairman, Maryland Young Republicans, 2001-2003
Former Regional Director, National Young Republicans

“It brings me great pleasure to endorse Nicolee Ambrose is a first-rate example of the next generation of conservative leaders actually in the trenches doing work for the cause of conservatism. Nicolee was responsible for me becoming active with the Baltimore Area Young Republicans in 2006. She has repeated these actions numerous times across the state. Her ability to recruit and network conservatives and Republicans across the state is vital in any attempts to win another statewide race in Maryland. It would be a major disservice to both the state and national party if Nicolee were not selected as the Maryland National Committeewoman.”

Trae Lewis – Maryland
President, Baltimore Area Young Republicans

YRs unloading in AA 10-06“Nicolee is a close friend whom I have known and worked with for the past twelve years. Nicolee has an amazing ability to outreach, recruit and promote Republican causes like no one else I have met. She was able to take the Young Republicans to the next level and finished her term with the YRs in the best position they had ever been before. Nicolee will be a great MD GOP National Committeewoman and will make all of us in Maryland proud.”

Panthea Parang – Maryland
President, Maryland Young Republicans 2007

Former DCYR Chair Marcus Skelton with Nicolee Ambrose

Former DCYR Chair Marcus Skelton with Nicolee Ambrose

Former DCYR Chair Rich Counts with Nicolee Ambrose

Former DCYR Chair Rich Counts with Nicolee Ambrose

Former DCYR Chair Laura Chambers with Nicolee Ambrose

Former DCYR Chair Laura Chambers with Nicolee Ambrose

Lastly, I am honored to announce endorsements from the last five Chairmen of the District of Columbia Young Republicans:

“For years, Nicolee has been a grassroots pioneer and a key mentor to our organization. She is dedicated, engaged, and extremely effective when it comes to energizing and growing the party. We are all more than happy to endorse her candidacy.”

Breana Teubner, 2006-2007
Marcus Skelton, 2007-2009
Sean Conner, 2009-2010
Rich Counts, 2010-2011
Laura Chambers, 2011-2012

(Titles are listed for identification purposes only, and no organizational endorsement is intended or implied.)

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